“Under the Dome”

I appeared for a second time on the Channel 17 program “Under the Dome,” along with two state representatives who serve on the House Committee on Corrections and Institutions.  I discussed some of the issues that the House Judiciary Committee has been addressing this session, including suspended drivers’ licenses, impaired driving, the smoking age and marijuana. You can view the program here.

Op Ed and Other Media Related to Bill to Ban Strikes and Imposition

Aki Soga, the Burlington Free Press Editorial Page editor, wrote an Op Ed article on the unsuccessful attempt in the legislature to ban teacher strikes.  He concluded that “[a]nyone who sees in the defeat of the strike ban provision only an affirmation of the status quo lacks the vision to be a leader in education in Vermont.”

Also, I had the opportunity last week to discuss the vote on my amendment to ban teachers strikes and school board impositions in “Under the Golden Dome,” a program produced weekly during the legislative session.  You can watch the video here.  My clip is toward the end of the video.

Finally, here is a link to a post-mortem on the issue that appeared on the Seven Days web site.

“Under the Golden Dome”

Yesterday I had the opportunity to share my views in “Under the Golden Dome,” a program produced weekly during the legislative session and named after the distinctive gold leaf on the dome of the Vermont capitol building.  In the program, legislators discuss current events in the State House.  I spoke about the effort to improve water quality in Lake Champlain as well as recent undertakings by the Judiciary Committee.  You can watch the video here.  My portion begins five minutes and twenty-seven seconds into the video.